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All higher learning institutions need their students to perform a wide range of writing activities and assignments. They do it to ensure that students understood the concepts being taught and they can say it using their writing and grammar skills. Most professors place significant precedence on written assignments, which means that these tasks have a substantial impact on a student’s GPA and academic excellence. These assignments encompass essays, research papers, dissertations, coursework, and case studies, among other kinds of jobs. Most of the students fail most of these assignments due to various reasons. They neither show excellent knowledge of the task, nor can structure the paper, do correct in-text citations, have the correct format for the bibliography, or even have the college essay proofread.

Besides, there are myriad personal reasons that can impede a student’s ability to complete an assignment as required. Factors such as illnesses, huge workload from other courses, or any other personal issue deter most of us as students from completing their writing activities on time.

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WritingCities.net company has developed a clear process of making your order. It contains three steps. 

  1. Fill in the order form: First, you have to log in to WritingСities.net. If you are a first time client, you will have to sign up. Once you have signed into their page, you will click on the ‘Order Now.’ Upon clicking, an order form will appear where you will be required to key in your details. 
  2. There you have to state: the subject, an academic level, the type of work, the citation style, the number of pages and sources, the deadline, and if you want a draft, as well as the language. You will also be required to state the topic and instructions for your custom paper. Writing Сities papers have a standard format unless you want it custom made. Their standard paper format entails 12 point Times New Roman, Double/Single spaced 275 words per page, title and reference pages on separate words per page, title and text pages on different pages and are free and one-inch margin all around. 
  3. The next step is to make your payment. There are various payment options; you will select your most preferred method and make the payment. The payment options are all secure. In case you are unable to make the full payment, they have a flexible payment system where you can pay in installments. 
  4. The last step will be on their side. Once you have made your order and payment, the service will then assign a top writer on your subject or assign you a ‘preferred writer’ in case you have one. After being assigned a writer, you will be able to text him/her via a message box. This feature enables you to keep track of your paper or seek clarifications. 

The Essentials You Must Know Before Contacting WritingСities.net

The company was established to offer college essay help service to students. WritingСities.net started as a small custom writing service that focused on delivering the best quality research papers as well as all other kinds of assignments. WritingСities has grown over the years and became one of the leading and most trusted companies by thousands of clients from across the globe. WritingСities.net has been able to build a massive following of loyal customers who are satisfied with their paper writing services. Do not be surprised; there are millions of students across the world who seek paper writing services. Not all students are excellent college essay writers, so it becomes not only time consuming but also a nerve-wracking task. If you, as a fellow customer, feel that you have a next-to-impossible paper writing task, WritingСities.net is here to offer a reliable college essay help. They will ensure that you forget about the sleepless nights. It’s a competent team of Masters and Ph.D. writers who will work on your task even with the craziest deadlines. It is their work; they understand the dynamics and can endure the pressure. They will not allow you to let your duties impede your opportunity of creating good memories. Leave the assigned tasks at WritingСities, and go make memories! You will not only have time for fun but also guaranteed the best grades.

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The sole reason is that these writers are more likely to make minimal or no grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes because they are native speakers. There have been many grievances from customers about the quality of their delivered papers from online companies that rely on non-native writers from Russia and Pakistan. Most of the clients not only complained about the quality of the content but also on its originality. Most works appeared plagiarized, were delivered late, had wrong referencing styles, and even had several grammatical errors. So, to ensure that WritingСities did not subject their customers to such risks, they opted to work only with native writers as there were minimal complaints about the quality of their paper delivery. Furthermore, these native writers are often subjected to rigorous training to ensure that they have a good understanding of all the skills needed to deliver quality papers. The main focus areas are always on the quality of the content, timely delivery, and originality of the content. The training is needed to ensure that the writers are informed of all changes and improvements concerning academic writing standards. They have vast experience in their specialized fields. During the recruitment, WritingСities ensures that the hired candidate, besides being a native writer, has at least a four-year university degree. Thus they can handle orders of any complexity as well as of any academic level from high school to the Ph.D. level. At WritingСities, they have made it easier to communicate with your assigned writer through their messaging feature. You can be able to seek more clarification or add extra information to enable our writer to complete your paper via this feature.

At WritingСities, they believe that communication is essential for effective service delivery. They have a team of professional customer service providers who are always available to handle any of your issues at any given time. They offer 24/7 service delivery. You can reach the support team through the phone number or the live chat. WritingСities offers competitive prices. Their client base consists of the students from the high school level to the university level. WritingСities understands that students do not have much money and work on tight budgets. Yet, in as much the budgets can be very tough; this should not deter you from getting the excellent paper. Besides the fair pricing, they do offer discounts as well as several other freebies. Some of the freebies that WritingСities offers include free paper giveaways as well as free rewards, given to the most loyal clients. The pricing is pegged on the complexity as well as the urgency of the article. Short deadline papers are costly as compared to those orders that take a considerable amount of time. WritingCities.net takes your privacy very seriously. They use the encryption feature to hide customer details. You are always anonymous on this website. Besides delivering quality writing services, they also thrive on empowering their clients on how to excel and be a better student that will propel their academics to the next level. It is clear that at WritingСities, they have the interest of the customer at heart and desire the best in their academic progression. Place your order at WritingСities.net and feel the experience of their exquisite service delivery.

How Does The Website Look Like?

WritingСities has a simple interface design. The homepage contains necessary information about the company and its policies. The outlook is conspicuous and attractive at a glance, as well as the data, which is clear and precise for easier reading. Besides the homepage, WritingСities has three primary interfaces. It is to ease navigation by different users. The three primary interfaces include; the customer interface, the writer interface, and then the support and management team interface. All these interfaces relate to communication is made possible across the board. The customer support and the admin interface is used in monitoring the service delivery and ensuring that service is delivered in the required standard. In all these three interfaces, They all have the messaging feature which helps communicate with other users at any given time. The writer can communicate with the support team and with the customer. 

Custom Essay Writing Service to Entrust with Your ‘Write My Paper for Me’ Order | WritingCities.net

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Once your assignment has been done by the native writers, you have a grace period. During it, you have to go through the work and check if there is any correction that you need. Their writers try as much as possible to adhere to all paper instructions, yet, on rare occasions, they can fail to comprehend the instructions thoroughly. They guarantee you free revisions. You are permitted to submit your paper for free reviews within one month. During this period, they will be able to correct it as many times as needed, up to the point when you will be 100% satisfied with the paper. 

Work With Pro Specialists at WritingCities.net 

WritingСities.net academic help service is distinct and abreast of their competitors. While some of the services offer low-quality papers at enormous costs, this company provides premium and original documents. It gives professional recommendations and advice to the clients. Their writing team comprises of professional writers who are Masters and Ph.D., holders. These native professional writers have extensive experience in all sorts of assignments ranging from essays, research papers, case studies, coursework, and dissertations, among other writing activities.

Quality is their priority. The company has been able to source the best talents in the paper writing industry. Their native writers undergo a rigorous hiring process as well as an extensive training process, which makes them professional. WritingСities writers are enlightened on developing original content, paper formatting, and referencing. WritingСities.net native writers are drawn from all fields ranging from science courses, management courses, education, psychology, history, English, etc. It means that they are capable of handling tasks of any complexity, including graduate, undergraduate, and Ph.D. level assignments. They place significance on the authenticity of the content, quality, and on-time delivery. They can deliver jobs even with the craziest deadlines. Thus, you should never worry about the terms. Furthermore, to make sure the content of the paper is up to the required standard, they have a team of editors. They review the documents before the client gets the work and fix some errors if needed.

Get in Touch With The Writers And Support Team In Real-Time 

As a customer, you can reach the company support through an email, by telephone via their customer support numbers as well as through messaging. Their feature is the live chat that is at the bottom right corner of the WritingСities.net page. It allows clients to chat live with their support team. The client can get an immediate response from the support team. The support team is hospitable, and professional will respond to your needs as soon as possible. Furthermore, the support team will not any time to neglect your concerns or questions. Instead, they will attend to all your requests and also offer any technical support issues. Moreover, they are also to keep in touch with our assigned writer through their advanced anonymous message system. In case of any additions or clarifications, you can chat with your writer at any given time. The writer is also able to communicate to you, probably to seek further clarification or make any request relevant to the practical completion of your order.

Get The Original Content Ever 

If you know you are unable to create original content, WritingСities.net academic help service is your solution. They thrive on submitting falsification-free content as they understand the repercussions of delivering plagiarized work. To ensure that their submitted papers are original, they use Copyscape and Turnitin to check on plagiarism. In case of any resemblance, it gets corrected before the client receives a final paper. With all these checks and balances, they guarantee you that your article will be original and unique. In case you want a Turnitin report alongside the paper, they can also deliver that within their terms and conditions. 

Your Data Is 100% Secure

At WritingСities.net, they guarantee you full confidentiality. They understand that most professors do not recommend their students’ use of online paper writing services. So WritingСities assures its customers of the safety of their personal information. An email detection software that automatically detects an email and encrypts it in a manner that a third party cannot use it. Your billing information is also secure with them. In case of a leak of your personal information to third parties without your consent, they must take full responsibility as stipulated in their terms and conditions. Yet, there are certain situations where clients need to give information to the school’s library or access to the school portal to retrieve data or do an assignment. You will be required to provide the information you do not want to be seen by the third party. They also recommend that you should not disclose your personal information to the writers while communicating with them through the anonymous messaging feature. They encourage that you simply maintain a professional tone and communication.

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The Real Customer Testimony About Writing Cities Academic Help Service

Let me begin by extending my appreciation for your professionalism. I am a mother who works and, at the same time, doing my Masters so that I may grow up the professional ladder. I work as a field manager; this means that I am always traveling to different locations each day. My most significant hurdle has been balancing between work, family responsibilities, and my school work. With many reports to make from every trip, I hardly get time to attend to all assignments and do them effectively. It has adversely affected my GPA. While sharing with a classmate of mine about how it is challenging to balance work and studies, she told me of paper writing service companies that offer paper writing services. She recommended me to WritingСities.net. At first, I was hesitant as many questions raged my mind; will they understand my dissertation topic? Will they deliver quality? Will the content be original? Will I get it on time? What if they do it wrong? Owing to how busy I was, amidst the worries, I decided to make an order for my dissertation help at WritingСities.net. I had two weeks to submit my research proposal. To my surprise, my research proposal was ready within a week. I was fascinated by the paper I received. The quality was top notch with no grammatical errors, original content, and correct format and well presented. I was impressed by the services offered at WritingСities.net. I think I have found a solution to my problems. In case I am always unable to complete my assignments, I will seek your professional help. I will also recommend WritingСities services to other classmates and colleagues.

Custom Essay Writing Service to Entrust with Your ‘Write My Paper for Me’ Order | WritingCities.net

The More You Order The Less You Pay 

WritingСities.net academic help service discount also comprises a bonus system. The more you order, the less you pay next time. In case you have trouble with the requesting for the bonus, just contact their live support team, and they will offer you with immediate help. Here you will get the best quality paper at a very competitive price. They try as much as possible to make the pricing affordable and attractive to students because they value their clients. WritingСities only hire qualified professional writers that guarantee quality paper service delivery. To maintain high standards, you will never find suspiciously low prices. Stipulated prices always meet your financial needs. It is only at WritingСities.net where great things do not cost much.

Safe&Secure Payment System 

Writing Сities academic help service has different payment options. Customers can pay using their credit cards or PayPal accounts to make their payments. WritingСities payment options are safe and accepted globally. They know the different payment options available in different countries. WritingСities.net protects personal client information. It is made possible through encryption, which guarantees confidentiality for all clients. There is also a secured third-party payment processor, which means that nobody at the company ever has access to a client’s credit card information. Your payments are safe.

Top Writers Will Make Your Paper Look Brilliant

Do you have a completed task, but you are not sure of the quality of its contents or the paper structure? Here the team of professional writers with university degrees (at least) will do their best to complete your paper. The work is done is of the best quality, and the speed of execution will also match your expectations. The reviews given by students of many colleges and universities will never let them lie. Unlike other online companies that purport to offer editing services, most of them are frauds as they do not have the skills to effectively do that and are more likely to sell your papers, thus putting you at risk, for them, they are genuine and will deliver the best quality. Students who have made many orders to have their papers completed can assure you that they never been disappointed. WritingCities.net has always amended the completed papers as desired. Quality has always superseded my expectations. All you are required to do is press the ‘Order Now’ and let WritingСities amend your completed paper to meet your desired quality standard.

Why Does Audience Choose Writing Cities?

Some of the advantages that their clients get from using their services include originality. At WritingСities.net academic help service, they are obstinate about authenticity from all their writers. Their professional writers are creative and deliver unique and original content, and you can not find it anywhere else. They ensure that the contents of the papers are your views and not anyone else’s. Before you get the final paper, it is often hard to determine its authenticity. They have automatic copy-checking software scans that the paper is run through to determine its originality. They have a team of professional editors. Each member is highly gifted with the experience to filter any elements of plagiarism and, in the long run, ensure that it is a hundred percent original and unique. They understand the penalties that come with plagiarized work; it can even result in expulsion; they place significant precedence to ensure that every paper is checked and ascertained that it is original content. Quality paper: they are in the industry for almost a decade, and since their launch, records speak for itself. WritingCities.net has the best professional writers in the industry, most of whom have done their masters and Ph.D.’s and thus understand the dynamics very well. You should never have any doubts about the quality they present. One of their strongest pillars and asset is the deliverance of quality papers. To find this out, you can check their testimonial section and see what other clients had to say about their services. Exemplary Quality Assurance Department team are professional QAD officers that always make sure that all your requirements and wants are met and exceeded promptly. They handle all issues and offer an adequate response. The team focuses on professionalism when dealing with clients. Furthermore, the group addresses all client issues and needs as soon as possible and in the most expedient manner. Place Your Order Now and Get Value for your Money!

Money-Back Guarantee

If you feel dissatisfied, you can request a refund, which they guarantee will be given back. In a case situation where the downloaded paper does meet your standards, you can request a return of the money within two to four weeks. The term of your refund depends on your paper’s length. A client can only request a complete refund if he or she has not yet downloaded the paper. However, they thrive on delivering the best quality papers and ensure that their writers strictly adhere to paper instructions and guidelines.

Furthermore, WritingСities has a team of editors who go through the work done by writers. In case of missing to meet the standards or instructions, the text goes through a correction. They believe that such cases are rare; yet they occur, they take full responsibility. Before the company performs a refund, the client has to answer if he or she can agree to have his or her paper redone by another competent writer. If they agree, then the article can be redesigned without having to make another payment. Sometimes a lecturer makes new demands or changes the assignment in entirety or as a client. You make an error in providing the correct instructions; the company will perform a revision at a small cost. As a client, you can have a paper that you have done. Yet, you are not impressed by the quality and want it to be okay. You can make your order, and they will make it to your desired standards.

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