is an online essay writing service that delivers only quality service to its clients. is that old and well-known website on the web. For most students who have been studying for a couple of years, it’s also a well-recognized one. If you are one of them but didn’t try the service yet, or are a newbie in the world of essay writing service assistance – this review is just for you! 

At the very first glance, the service is the same as many others out there. But when comparing with competitors, you learn many original things about it. 

The important fact about PaperHelp: it has been on the market since 2010, which is why it most likely has a long and rich history of orders’ completion, revisions, success stories and failures, good and bad feedback, and experience. 

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I have my own experience with this service and it is rather positive, which is why I decided to share it with every student out there.

Introducing PaperHelp

To start with, I want to admit that everything is clear and easy on this site – starting from the pricing and ordering process, finishing with communication with the writer about the order (note: you can chat with the writer only after a full payment because they assign the writer to the order only after the payment process).

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Good to know: I’ve heard many stories of how students misperception the working process of such services. Many of them believe that such services exist to solve students’ problems with homework or any other writing assignment absolutely for free. Many friends of mine were amazed when they learned that PaperHelp gets money for the completed essay. Any help costs money, otherwise, why do they do what they do. Volunteering? This is not the case.  

As for the price – PaperHelp offers average pricing for 1 page of a written essay without plagiarism. One page is equal to 275 words. But the price is also based on other factors: deadline, type of paper, subject type, academic level, and additional options. 

One may check the final price on the final step of the order form. Having any promo code for the discount, one should apply it in the specific field when filling out the form with details. It is important to do it at once, as it will not be possible to perform after the order is placed. You won’t be able to use it after you place the order with details, but you will be able to upload any materials or files with instructions and an assignment even after the payment. The same with additional A-star options, you can add them at any moment for an additional payment. 

The order form (it starts with the Calculator on the front page) is quite simple and intuitively understandable. Where there may be difficulties, the site offers hints to help you out. 


Example of the hints in the order form to help you out 

When we talk about academic level, it corresponds to the academic institution you are studying at. It is important to choose the right level at once, as it influences both the level of the paper and the price paid for it. That way the paper for students who study for Ph.D. should be done on the higher level as one for high school, for example, as for the language (vocabulary), research, conclusions, formatting, etc. So, if you choose the level that does not suit your real academic level, then you will be asked to pay extra after the payment (this may be a bit frustrating). 

Services to order on

This website is a place with many solutions. They are writing from scratch, editing & proofreading, problem-solving, and different calculations. Any student may find the right and fast solution to the academic task here. 

Tip for all the first-time users: if you cannot find the type of work you need to do on the website, use the chat to communicate with the assistant from the support team. They are online 24/7 to reply to any request. 

BUT! The writers will never do the rewriting of the plagiarized paper from the Internet. This service is legal and shows good manners of work. They do not plagiarize and never use plagiarized papers to complete the papers for clients. 

As a helpful feature for students, the website offers to order a plagiarism report at just $9.99.

This way you will be afraid of being accused of plagiarism. Moreover, they promise not to use Turnitin that marks the paper as already plagiarized when checked at least once. 

How to pay less here?

Being a first-time visitor, you can search for the banners on the pages of the website. Usually, they are placed on the top of the front page with the size of the discount and the promo code. Also, you can use the referral code of your friend. Plus, the website has a bonus system. Don’t know whether it is an eternal thing, but for now, it works in a beneficial way – you get a 10% bonus from the total price of each order. You will be able to spend the bonus as a payment or a partial payment for your next order only. This way, when you save many bonuses from your orders, one may get the future paper for free (paying with the bonuses only). 

Writers & Ordering process 

Depending on your level of English, you can choose the writer out of the 3 categories: Basic, Advanced, TOP. If you are a foreign student who needs a paper in simple English (that will definitely correspond to your natural knowledge of the language), a Basic writer will be best for you. With it, you can choose the “Simple English” option from the list of A-star extras. 

Advanced and TOP writers are the categories of the most expert writers the service can offer. Their categorizations depend on the expertise, rating they have, and feedback from the customers. These two categories are available at some extra cost, which may be seen in the order form when you actually place an order and choose the options, while the basic one does not require any extra payments.


Writer’s categories to choose from 

(requires additional payment, except for Basic writer)

The process of hiring the writer is the responsibility of the support team. This means that you do not choose the writer yourself, except you choose the “Specific writer’s ID” option and insert the ID of the specific writer – you can choose the same writer or your friend recommended to you. 


The writer will be assigned after the full payment and only after it has been successfully processed. 

If you want to have two versions of your paper at hand, choose the option “Get 2 versions by 2 writers”. It is a helpful thing if you order a paper with a friend on the same topic. In the end, each of you will get a unique and plagiarism-free paper. Or in case you are on a deadline and desperately need the paper done perfectly, you can choose one that you like more, or combine the two in one. 


An additional option that helps you and your friend get 2 original 

papers on the same topic

A-star options & Freebies 

There are even more helpful options that you can add to your order. See all of them on the ordering page, I will mention just my favorites and the most beneficial ones personally for me. 

They are VIP service and Plagiarism reports. 

VIP Service is such a cool thing. It means that I will get SMS alerts right to my smartphone in order not to miss any of the updates or notifications about my order. Plus, the support team takes care of a lot of the orders with VIP service, such order gets a top priority, and I do not have to wait until they process orders of other customers. 

And the report in its turn is the other option I prefer using since it helps me stay calm and confident that I’m going to submit the paper without plagiarism and there’s nothing I should be afraid of. 

Freebies include:

  • Bibliography page (that goes at the end of the paper).
  • Formatting in the format (usually required by the teacher).
  • Help from support – 24/7 (including assistance if you are not satisfied with your order for any reason).
  • 3 revisions (within just 7 days after the order has been delivered and in case your revision instructions do not contradict the initial requirements you’ve uploaded).
  • Simple English option 


Guaranty is one of the main things I need to trust any website. PaperHelp provides the following guarantees for each customer:

  • privacy & confidentiality 
  • no plagiarism 
  • on time delivery 
  • secure payment 
  • degreed writers
  • money-back

Each guarantee is facilitated by the legal documents you can find on the website. You can refer to them each time, and it is better to read all the terms and conditions before using the website just to know all the rights you have as a customer. 

P.S. This is what I wanted to tell you about one of the best (I believe so because of my positive and 1-year experience with this service) websites to help all students out there solve their academic writing troubles.

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