Some Tips for Writing Essay in the Age of COVID-19

The outbreak of coronavirus disease in 2019 (COVID-19) led to a global health crisis that has had a profound impact on how we perceive our world and our daily lives. Not only the degree of infection and transmission methods threaten our sense of activity, but the security measures taken to contain the spread of the virus also require social distance, refraining from being human in nature, which should be comforted by others.

Like everyone else affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, students are quarantined with a lot of time. Many decided to use the extra time to start writing essays – after all, applications should arrive this fall when they hope to return to college. Here are some tips on how students can work with college essays in the modern world.

Tip 1 for Writing Essay: Consider Waiting Until Exams Are Behind You

Although it may seem to juniors that they now have a lot of free time, the reality is that most students still attend classes – they simply switched to the online format. Therefore, this is not necessarily the right time to start working on writing essay. The first priority, even if we were not in a pandemic, is to ensure that students receive good grades and successfully complete the year. The sweet spot, as a rule, is the beginning of June, which is the period immediately after the finals and exams. This is a good time to respond to your personal statement, especially after the Common App has already issued these requests.
After graduation, you will also want to create your list of colleges that will give you an idea of ​​the additional essays that you will come across in addition to your personal application. Once you find out what your additional essays will be, you can start brainstorming what are called “super-topics ”. These are topics that are likely to work for several essays, so you can start to think about what you can cover in them.

Tip 2: If It Is About Coronavirus, Make Your Essay Writing Unique

Coronavirus has changed the lives of many students, so it’s natural that some high school students plan to write on this topic in their essays. Although this is not necessarily a terrible idea, keep in mind that this can be a common topic, so you have to make your essay unique so that it stands out among the admissions committee.
We noticed one thing: boring essays are often boring because they describe a common topic, establish common connections and use a common language. In other words: they describe what many other students describe as many other students describe. On the other hand, an outstanding essay often describes an unusual topic, makes unusual connections, or uses an unusual language.

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“Connections” is an understanding in the middle of an essay. To use unusual connections means that the student is saying something that the reader did not expect. Did something strange or interesting happen during the pandemic? Did you have an understanding of your life? What values ​​did you connect with … what may have surprised you? These are unusual links that can help your essay stand out when you write on a general topic.

Tip 3: Think about touching COVID-19 when you writing essay

If you cannot make unusual connections in an essay on coronavirus, you can choose a different topic. However, if you want to make sure that COVID-19 is what you are aiming for, you can describe it in the paragraph that shows how you made the most of the pandemic in the light of other things that you want to share with the school in your essay. Colleges are interested in the skills, qualities, values, and interests that you bring to the college campus, and if some of them were developed or flourished during a pandemic, that would be great.

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