Ten Tips in Writing Essay

Essays are no longer the primary and final assessment of a story, but the ability to write a good essay is still vital.

Diving into writing essay

Answer the question, and nothing but the question. You can give marks only if you are relevant, so take your time before diving into writing to clearly think about the meaning of the title of the essay and plan the essay. Many teachers advise students to look for “keywords and phrases” in the title, but it should also be remembered that each word has a specific function and therefore is important.

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Be direct and explicit when writing essay

Be straightforward and frank: don’t let the marker puzzle over what you write. This means providing an appropriate argument: if you do not argue the case, you do not answer the question.

Writing essay: the first paragraph

The first paragraph is vital if you want to avoid the two most common mistakes: being inappropriate and writing essay. Try to do three things:

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1) analyze the question, determine its value and set its parameters;

2) subdivide the question into smaller areas (on each of which you will subsequently have a paragraph); and

3) state the argument, or perhaps several alternative interpretations. By all means, have a dramatic first sentence – to shock the reader from a stupor that invariably causes prolonged labeling – but don’t just “set the stage” or start “telling a story”. There is no time for this.

Writing essay: the final paragraph

The last paragraph is also vital. Do not introduce fresh factual material and do not touch on the “next” topic (for example, what Hitler did after 1933 when you answered a question explaining why he came to power). Instead, go back to the actual wording of the question and answer it as directly and succinctly as possible – and make sure that it matches what you wrote earlier. This may seem perverted, but it is worth experimenting by first writing a conclusion in an essay: then you will know exactly where you are going.

Writing essay: middle paragraphs

The middle paragraphs deal with one relevant question for each paragraph. Each middle paragraph should have an argument (or interpretation or generalization), supported by evidence. You should always give both. Try to give an argument in the first sentence (s) and then “prove” it with the best possible choice of details. (Philip Larkin once wrote that modern novels consist of a beginning, confusion and an end. Many student essays do this, so beware of traps.)

Writing essay: only real facts

Give real facts and evidence, not just the opinions of historians. Give a quote from the evidence quoted by historians, not the historians themselves (unless they have expressed their true intuition or if you need to discuss their specific interpretations). Remember that history is a reconstruction of the past based on surviving evidence: it is not just a set of opinions. Also, provide evidence in the essay itself: do not hide it in footnotes or appendices in a reckless attempt to make your essay seem “academic.”

Writing Essay: the correct balance

The right balance is very important. Provide more space for the most important questions – importance is rated in relation to the set of questions. Remember that it is too easy to spend a disproportionate amount of time/space on the first problem that you encounter, so you need to hasten others. For this reason, it is probably best not to leave your most important ideas to the end of the essay, especially in the exam, when you may run out of time.

Give links, when writing essay

If you need to do this, provide links to your quotes, and do not forget the number of the most important page. Never try to pass off your own as someone else’s work: plagiarism, even phrases, as a rule, are easy to spot and severely fined.

Writing essay: don’t forget about the presentation

For urgent essays, presentation is important. If you are processing text, use double spacing and decent font size; When using the pen, try to make your writing legible. Layout your work to leave room for comments, and number the pages. Check your spelling and grammar, and strive – and strive again – for clarity of expression. If you cannot express yourself clearly, you will inevitably punish yourself. Your exams will be better at exams if you solve the problem in advance. Good habits are almost as easy to acquire as bad ones, so work hard to prove yourself and don’t stop there.

Several versions of your writing essay

Write several versions of your essay. Kipling wrote a short story, and then put it off for at least two years: when he returned to it, he was able to very easily detect flaws and make improvements. You cannot follow his example, but you should be able to distribute your work for several weeks. You will get the most out of yourself only if you give yourself time for it. Therefore, review your work, cross out this inappropriate passage, rewrite this ambiguous sentence, reorder the material to get more benefits. If you are easily satisfied, then you are almost sure that your examiners will not.

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