Writing Essay: Your Perfect Paper

Writing essays has long been an integral part of school and student life.

Use this checklist for 10 tips to help make your paper perfect.

1. Writing Essay: Know the Assignment

Rule number 1 – make sure that you complete the task. Make sure you understand the requirements and expectations. How long should the paper be? Should specific sources be indicated? Do you have a free choice of topics or a specific clue?

2. Start Writing Essay With A Good Argument

What is your writing essay about? What is this article trying to prove or show? Do not enter every thought in your head in search of this number of words in 2000. Your article should present a thoughtful, well-formulated argument that leads to a subtle conclusion.

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3. Writing Essay: Then Back It Up – Support Your Argument

Having a strong thesis is fundamental to any good article. How do you prove your point? With evidence! Source and source, and I will give more. Primary sources should focus on academic sources (research journals, newspapers, books, etc.). Secondary sources can be more diverse (magazines, interviews, etc.). Obviously, the types of sources needed will depend on the document and purpose. Some professors require a minimum number of sources. Make sure you always follow your written hint.

4. Writing Essay: Proofread & Proofread Again

Poor spelling and grammar errors can greatly harm your final grade. And never rely on auto-correction or spell-checkers and do not trust them in everything.

5. Writing Essay: Don’t Plagiarize

This goes without saying – but not a copycat. Plagiarism is a violation of each school’s academic code. Use your own voice and words when you write. With the amount of resources online it can be tempting to simply copy and paste. But do the work and never steal from other sources. Many schools have plagiarism checking software that catches plagiarism. It’s not worth it.

6. Writing Essay: Avoid Words You Don’t Know

Expanding your vocabulary is commendable (see what I did there?), But if you really don’t understand a word or phrase, do not use it in your article. Don’t feel the need to fray your newspaper with your old SAT words. If you use the word incorrectly, it discredits your argument – and professors can see through it.

7. Writing Essay: Don’t Use These Words

The first, second, and third are transitions that should be used in paragraphs with caution and interspersing, and not for initiating each paragraph. Of course, we can say: “First, Melvin learned to relax thanks to the healing power of hot yoga.” In addition, listing all of your items is a bit basic and excessive.

Avoid meaningless word fillers. In addition, it is accurate, factually, and simultaneously useless in the formation or proof of an argument. Removing the details of verbosity will make your language clearer and more complex.

8. Writing Essay: Revise

Congratulations, you have completed the first project – your writing essay. Now the hard work begins. And in some brilliance. Make sure you read the newspaper out loud for yourself. This will help you identify serious errors, but will also help revise your arguments. PRO-TIP, you can also copy and paste your article into Google Translate and get it back to you. Listening to your article out loud can give you a new perspective and help with editing.

9. Writing Essay: Get Feedback

Every writer has a great editor. Is it someone to help you read and check for errors, or just someone to help you give a better argument. Use all the resources available to you. There is nothing shameful about getting academic help, and it’s always good when someone looks at your work before you hand it over.

10. In Conclusion

Make sure your writing essay leaves a good impression. The conclusion of your paper should be your microphone. This is your chance to summarize your argument and convince the reader. So count.

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