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Using a “holistic” approach to the process, admissions officers can share students with very similar academic credentials.

Your writing essay plays an incredibly important role in the selective admission process. Standardized test results, your GPA, and the rigor of your curriculum remain the main components of your college application. But since many students take exams and grades at the highest level, how can a university decide who it should offer enrollment to?

Using a “holistic” approach to the process, admissions officers can share students with very similar academic credentials. Their subjective analysis is based on many elements, for example, on your letters of recommendation, your activities and how they are considered in the context of “institutional priorities”, your “special status” as an athlete or legacy, and so on.

Your essays are very much appreciated in this analysis. They provide (or should provide) an understanding of how you write, how you think and what you like. Your personal statement, short answers, and additional essays reveal your personal qualities, a way to visualize your academic path, and detail your life history. Is it any wonder that the vast majority of students compose their college essays incredibly intimidating? Due to a lack of information, anxiety, and a lack of fundamental knowledge, students often cannot write “winning” essays, which may be the difference between whether they go to different schools or not. We will help you in writing an essay that will help to highlight you in the competition.

Lack of Essay Topic Ideas?

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We are sure that you have a lot of questions. How do you start the writing process? What strategies distinguish exceptional personal statements from regular essays? Will I have to write a lot of projects? How can I distinguish my writing essay from other students? What methods do I use to reveal various aspects of myself in many short answers to questions and essays that I will write?

Don’t Let Undermine Writing Essay

The resources that you might consider are simply inadequate. Your college consultants and / or consultants do not have time to work with you on an individual basis through several projects of your essay. Alternatively, as they are full of pride, some students feel that because they receive high marks in English and read books, they are well prepared to write an outstanding personal statement.

Keep in mind that a personal college statement is a completely different monster than the five-paragraph essays that make up your written assignments in high school. The admissions officers evaluate your essays in a completely different light than your English teacher. Therefore, the opinions offered by your English teacher about your writing essay may not be fully rated, as your teacher does not have the necessary knowledge.

Writing Essay Coaching Companies

Essay Coaches have something in common with English teachers: they, too, are NOT professional college consultants. The writing background that essay trainers may have does not make them admissions experts!

Counselors participate in national college conferences along with admissions officers who share their opinions about their schools and their various admission processes. They fly across the country to participate in continuing education seminars where they receive up-to-date college admission information. These consultants attend schools in the United States and abroad to help you write essays suitable for each university.

Such people are genuine writing essay experts with a refined professional understanding that goes far beyond coaching and essay writing. Using their experience, knowledge base, and deep-level strategies, your letter will be unsurpassed, unique, and will be a cut above your competitors.

How Admissions Officers Evaluate Writing Essays

When students do not have professional guidance on entering college, they often write essays that, in their opinion, want admissions committees. They can imagine, as a gatekeeper, an old professor in a bow tie and a sports jacket. Although several admissions officers may fit this profile. Trying to compose an essay to impress your particular vision of the admissions officer is reckless. This can actually undermine your chances of getting into a particular school. Consultants will help you avoid such traps. Given their experience and knowledge, they can help you create authentic essays that are unique.

Writing Essay with Your “Life Themes”

Students without proper counseling often write essays that are devoid of passion and unable to determine who they are. In most cases, their written work often does not identify their “life topics,” which are part of various parts of their statements, including resumes, letters of recommendation, academic transcripts, and extracurricular activities.

Your college consultant will help you relate the various parts of your application in both the academic and extracurricular contexts. Thanks to their strategic vision, you will understand how your school and summer activities, as well as your personal and family experiences, are related to each other to demonstrate your life themes. They will help you demonstrate your vision throughout your application and your writing essay so that upon receipt it is said that this will have a “resonance” in all your documents entering the college.

Unsurpassed Professional Writing & Teaching Assistance

It is not enough to know what to write. How you convey ideas is crucial. Based on experience, you understand that not all teachers, trainers, and consultants have the same ability. You just learn more from certain people. Let’s face it – some people have an excellent talent in conveying what they know and in helping you pick up your letter.

The group of first-rate professionals will guide you in crafting a personal statement that cuts through the clutter in the very competitive admissions landscape at highly selective universities.

We Help You Conceptualize Standout Essays

Сollege counselors will help you brainstorm concepts for your personal statements that you would most likely have not thought of on your own. Although we do not write essays for applicants, we guide you in crystallizing your ideas, direct you when your concepts flail and stop you from submitting essays that fail to answer the question or that do not make your best case for admission.

Counselors Work With You For Months On Your Multiple Essays

Although the Common Application has one “basic” tip for the essay, students are often surprised to find that each school may require them to answer a few additional essays and short answers. Many selected schools and, of course, selected colleges require you to write at least one, and often two, additional essays. These letters can have a length of 250 to 500 words or more. In some cases, you can find answers to five to seven questions for one university!

In order to write several essays of the same high quality as your main writing essay, you need to spend time, do the hard work and get an informed guide. By working with your college counselor in hands-on, personalized weekly meetings that take place over several months, your essays will really stand out and help you better go to the best colleges.

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