A Step-by-Step Guide of Writing a Narrative Essay

There are many types of essays. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the difference between two similar works.

The main goal of a narrative essay is to tell the reader about events, interactions, and experiences that have occurred with the author over a certain period. He always has a bright plot. On the contrary, a descriptive essay aims to provide an image of a person, place, some experience, or object without demonstrating a chain of events. The plot is absent or blurry.

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Choose a story that illustrates some topic or theme. 

Typically, narrative essays include 2 main components: a story and some analysis of the story. A narrative essay may be “about” a specific issue, topic, or concept, but it uses personal history to illustrate the idea.

  • In most cases, narrative essays will not include any external research or references. Instead, you will use your personal story to provide evidence of what you are trying to do.
  • However, in some cases, using research can improve your story because it will allow you to provide more information. Stories are a common school assignment that is used to test your creative storytelling skills, as well as your ability to relate some elements of your personal life to a topic that you can discuss in class.

Make sure your story fits the prompt.  

  • Often narrative essays are school assignments or are required to apply for college, and you will receive a hint from a teacher or institution. Even if you have a crazy story about how you escaped from an uninhabited island in a balloon, read the tip carefully to make sure your story matches the mission. Common topics for narrative essays include, but are not limited to, a description of some point that: you experienced adversity and had to overcome.
  • You failed and had to deal with the consequences of this failure.
  • Your personality or character has changed

The purpose of a narrative essay is to describe something. Many students when writing a narrative essay thinking that these are college essays or papers. While the information in these reports is basic to other forms of writing, narrative reports lack the “higher-order thinking” that essays require. Thus narrative reports do not, as a rule, yield high grades for many college courses. A basic example of a narrative report is a “book report” that outlines a book; it includes the characters, their actions, possibly the plot, and, perhaps, some scenes. That is, it is a description of “what happens in the book.

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Feature conventions in writing a narrative essay.

Narratives, like stories, should include the following conventions: plot, including setting and characters; climax, and end.

Outline the plot before you begin. Where does your story start? Where does it end? Writing up a quick list of the major plot points in the story is a good way of making sure you hit all the high points. Every story needs a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Consider the following conventions: Narratives are usually written in the first person, that is, using I. However, a third person (he, she, or it) can also be used. The narratives rely on specific, sensual details to convey their thoughts. These details should create a single, strong effect, a dominant impression. More information on using specific parts is available on another page.

Use bright details.

Good spelling in detail. Even the most boring office environment or the most boring city can become compelling with the right details in the letter. Remember to use the details — unique details that do not describe anything other than what you are writing about, and let these vibrant details manage the story.
Describe the important characters. Who else is important to the story, other than yourself? Who else was present when the story took place. Who affected the outcome of the story? What specific, particular details can you remember about the people in the story? Use these to help build the characters into real people.
Find an antagonist and conflict. In good narratives, there is often a protagonist and an antagonist, which creates conflict. The main character is usually the main character (in most narrative essays, it’s you) who is struggling with something. This may be a situation, condition, or strength, but in any case, the main character wants something, and the reader supports them.

Describe the setting. Just as important to a good story as the characters and the plot is the setting. Where does the story take place? At home? Outside? In the city or the country? Describe the location that the story takes place and let the setting become part of your story.

Revision is the most important part of writing. No one, even the most experienced writers, gets it right from the very first run. Prepare a draft in advance and give yourself the chance to carefully review your story and see it again.

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