College Essay Examples: Writing Techniques for Your Essay

Writing a college application or admission essay can be very overwhelming and stressful. This is why many students search the internet for college essay examples for inspiration. However, viewing examples only works when you know exactly why certain essays were effective and others were not. Here you will find excerpts from the best examples of college essays, along with detailed explanations of why they worked. If your inspirational muse still doesn’t show up after you’ve finished reading, we’ll provide you with coverage. A lot of essay writing services can provide you with high quality written papers at a very affordable price.

College Essay Examples: Pose a question the reader wants answering

This does not mean that you have to literally ask the question in your essay, but you certainly have to keep the reader wondering, “How will this turn out?” “What does she mean?” “How will it all tie together?” To do this, start your essay with a hook that encourages the reader to learn more. For example, you could write, “I sat down at the back of a crowded hall, not knowing that I would soon be in the spotlight.” This immediately creates momentum that drives your reader to keep reading. Essay tips can also be found at Big Future.

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College Essay Examples: Don’t focus exclusively on the past

On admission, look for essays in which the student emphasizes growth and introspection, so your essay should focus on getting you to learn and grow as a person. Don’t brag or describe. Your essay should have a moment of revelation: what have you learned from your experience? How did it make you who you are today? Colleges don’t want to read essays written exclusively in the past. They need students who are proactive about their future, so make sure that if you describe a past event, you connect it to who you are now and how it will affect you as a person moving forward.

College Essay Examples: Open up

When recounting an event or experience, make sure to include how it made you feel, how it changed the way you think, and whether it had an impact on your priorities and/or values. Readers connect more when you reveal a vulnerability than when you tout a strength.

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College Essay Examples: Experiment with the unexpected

If it makes sense within the context of your essay, give your story a twist or reveal something unexpected, i.e. something readers wouldn’t have necessarily thought you’d do, think, or care about.

College Essay Examples: Don’t summarize

Avoid expressing the essence of your essay. It is much less effective when you say it to someone. Delete all the words “That’s when I understood,” “I learned,” and “The most important lesson was …”. This is unnecessary, unconvincing and deprives the reader of the moment. Instead, have them read between the lines and interpret the meaning of your story on their own. You don’t have to say something like, “And this is how I learned to stand up for myself,” because the admissions officer should already know. Often when you’re watching a movie, the actor’s expression, sigh, or the closing of the door speaks louder than words. Your actions can be small, but they should be filled with meaning, that is, the fact that you speak up, make a decision, give up something, or take risks. It might just be a decision to get up in the morning or smile. It simply means that you have made a decision, changed, or are taking risks.

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